Your Pocket Personal Assistant

to better manage your life and love

  • Link Friends and Family

    Download the app and directly link to his phone and others. More links means more control of your life (and his).

  • Send and Receive Reminders

    Eliminate the “I forgot” excuse. Now, you can create reminders so he can stay on-top of his schedule and life in general.

  • Send and Receive To-dos

    Keep top-of-mind all the many activities (to-dos) that you need completed, but he somehow manages to forget.

  • Trophies and Rewards

    We make getting things done, fun! Earn trophies by completing everyday tasks that can be redeemed for exciting rewards.

  • Manage Gift Wishes

    A simple gift registry that allows you to send gift ideas throughout the year. A sure way to make him a gift-giving superstar.

  • Set and Manage Alerts

    Smart technology that leaves the nagging to us With automated alerts he’ll get a push before it becomes an argument

  • Create Detailed Profile

    A place to store and retrieve all your likes, favorites and other details. He’ll be in the know and in your heart.

  • Fight Mediation

    Lawyers may be made redundant now that you can crowdsource opinions for all your relationship scuffles.

Smart Technology

to build better relationships
  • Eliminate Excuses

    Eliminate Excuses

    With your help your Significant Other will finally act like he’s got his life in order, even when he doesn’t!

  • More Happy, Less Stress

    More Happy, Less Stress

    Less reminders means less fighting which leads to happier you. And isn’t that what it is all about?

  • Stronger Relationships

    Stronger Relationships

    We’ll help keep your man out of the dawghouse and in your good graces. What you do from there is up to you.