What We‘re Good At

We’re good at saving relationships. And that’s exactly what the the Dawghoused app does. How will it save your relationship? Your dear husband or dear boyfriend thinks you’re nagging. But you’re not nagging; there’s information, appointments, errands, tasks – that he needs to remember (and usually forgets). And frankly, you’re tired of repeating yourself. That’s where the Dawghoused app comes in.

This is How the DHjoined and DawgHoused Apps Work Together:

You and your husband download and sign up with the Dawghoused app. It’s part appt planner, part organizational calendar and task manager – DawgHoused is basically YOU in his pocket. But can you trust him to input all the crucial details that keep your relationship, and every other relationship in your husband’s circle running? Of course not. Within your Dawghoused account, the wives and girlfriends of the world can input important dates, tasks, and other reminders so your dawg can pull them up without having to ask you again. PLUS, with the gift wish list feature, the days of hinting at potential gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays are long gone. Now your man will never forget what present to buy you because you inputted it in the Dawghoused app.

We have the same mission: to keep your guy out of trouble. That’s right, even guys like your man. How do we know? Because we’re dudes. We like sports, we’re hairy, and we exude the occasional funny body odor (some more often than others) – but above all, we love our women. So, look ladies, we want to be honest with you (that’s tough, because we’re men). We realize that you’ve been very patient with us and that it’s only a matter time before we find ourselves sleeping in the yard with Fluffy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Dawghoused app houses all the important items your man should remember, yet fails to remember. By inputting all the crucial stuff in the app, your man may have a chance to stay out of the doghouse, for good.


Download the app

Simply download the app and complete the self-guided set-up. You can do it while you wait in line at you favorite coffee shop

Link to Your Guy

The app will automatically send an email to your man. If like other guys, he doesn’t follow the directions we will send additional reminders until the link is made.

Start Using

You can now start inputting important dates, tasks, and other reminders for your man. Plus it is never to early to build your gift wishes because everyday is a gift-giving occasion.