DHJOINED is a FREE app for wives, girlfriends, and anyone who is tired of reminding their “DAWG” (husband, boyfriend, etc.) important days, such as anniversaries and birthdays; regularly scheduled appointments, one-off appointments, random tasks around the house, and anything else that their dawg has put off for long enough.

DawgHoused.com is a place where your man can get advice and tips on how to better manage their relationships. A place with solutions when things go sideways and they find themselves in the proverbial DawgHouse.  The DawgHoused app is a pocket personal assistant that keeps men out of the DawgHouse and you happy.

DHjoined.com is a promotional site that tells our story from the women’s point-of-view.  We engaged wives, girlfriends, sisters and mothers to help design the app.  It seemed appropriate that we use this same experience to help promote the app.

And yes, you will need to download and install the DawgHoused app.  Once you set-up your account you will see that DHjoined and DawgHoused go together like a happy couple.

Dawghoused.com was created by a group of men who have plenty of life experience — maybe too much experience — getting in and out of trouble. We want to help other men learn from our mistakes.

The DawgHoused app was a collaboration of these men and the women in their lives.  It is born on the simple thought “wouldn’t it be great if an app did this”.

That’s like comparing a day at the spa with a hand-held massager.  The DawgHoused app is designed with tools and features that are simply better.  We built this app with one guiding principle – less reminders means less fighting which leads to happier you. And isn’t that what it is all about?

Our primary motive is to keep your man out of the DawgHouse.  We do this without any strings attached.  Our website Dawghoused.com does generate revenue through advertising and affiliate sales.  We provide men with gift ideas for all occasions.

Once installed the app offers a quick, guided tour of all the features.  It is a lot easier and less stressful than getting your guy to take out the garbage.

Yes.  You can link to any individual that has installed the DawgHoused app.  You can link to brothers, fathers and even your kids.  The app even allows you to send invites to these individuals.

Not at this time.  We are currently in development of version 2.0 which will connect to many popular calendars.  Version 2.0 is expected in Fall 2017.  But why wait, download today and start building-out your family network.